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Six National Major Projects: National Science and Technology Major Projects of "Major New Drug Creation"

Construction of Innovative Drug Incubation Bases for Enterprises——R & D of Anti-tumor and Anti-resistant Bacterial Innovative Drugs of Natural Origin

Research and Development of Innovative Drugs——Research and Development of Innovative Antitumor Drug Pregnitinib Mesylate and Its Tablets

Clinical research of new drugs——development of innovative quinolone drug MX

Technical Transformation of Large Drug Varieties——Technical Transformation of Vitamin E and Development of Key Technologies

China Pharmaceutical Technology Innovation and Industrialization Strategic Alliance

Phase IV clinical study of a new drug like nerofloxacin malate capsules

Five national high-tech research and development plans (863 plan)

Application of biotechnology to develop key intermediates for steroid drugs and key technologies for new steroid drug synthesis processes

Research on Lymphatic Targeted Drug Delivery Technology and New Drug Development

Research on lymphatic targeted drug delivery technology and new drug development (rolling plan)

Gene deletion optimization of antibiotic producing strains (Punamycin)

Purification Technology and Demonstration of Chlorine and Sulfur-containing Waste Gas in Pharmaceutical Industry

National Torch Program, National Key New Products

Provincial special project, provincial industrial transformation and upgrading
technical transformation project

Nationally recognized enterprise technology center innovation  
capacity building special project

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